Our Vision

Placing irresistible learning at the heart of educational transformation within a family of schools that share common values, expertise and innovation so as to give children every opportunity to succeed




Our Mission

We strive to be at the forefront of educational development, recognised for outstanding practice and to relentlessly pursue excellence.


We are compelled by a strong moral purpose to support and develop all children and staff within our family of schools to ensure that they make rapid progress and achieve success.


We offer environments of the highest quality to empower learning and create endless possibilities in ways which meet the needs of all.


We provide an innovative and a self-created infrastructure to free teaching and learning, ensure rapid response to need and allow safety, flexibility and fluidity.





Our Values

•Innovation - risk taking to harness creativity
•Nurture -growing within a framework of care and support
•Success - achieving our personal best
•Passion -compelling enthusiasm for learning
•Integrity - demonstrating a strong moral purpose through trust, tolerance and respect
•Responsibility - accepting accountability for ourselves and our actions

•Excellence - aspiring to achieve the extraordinary